Quiz: How Superstitious Are You?

Most people believe in at least one old wives’ tale. A few of us here don’t even get out of bed on Friday the 13th. (Okay, so that’s just an excuse for a long weekend.) To find out how superstitious you are ( in time for the spooky season), take this quiz.

1. How many times are you supposed to knock on wood, and why?
2. How many four-leaf clovers have you found?
3. You're late for school and the sidewalk is blocked by a slow-moving crowd of old people. The quickest way around them is under a ladder propped against a building. You:
4. When you walk down the street, do you avoid every line or crack in the sidewalk?
5. You're having a party and your final guest list consists of 13 people. You:
6. You're called back for a second interview for a great job. You:
7. Your family decides to order Chinese food for dinner to avoid eating Dad's leftover meatloaf. You:
8. What is triskaidekaphobia?
9. After you accidentally knock over the salt shaker at dinner you:
10. You have a dream about the guy you've been obsessing over and in it he asks you out while standing underneath a Baskin Robbins awning. You: