Quiz: What’s Your Sports IQ?

Do you know the difference between a hike and a huddle? Can you tell a pitch from a putt? Okay then, which sport features a pike triple back? Gotcha. Take this quiz and find out what your SAT (Sports Aptitude Test) score Is, just in time for the Super Bowl.

1. In which sport can you get tubed?
2. Which three sports make up a triathlon?
3. What's the difference between an eagle and a birdie?
4. How many innings in a baseball game?
5. If you were a race-car driver in the Indianapolis 500 and the yellow flag appeared, what would you be required to do?
6. Which baseball team goes to bat first?
7. Which races make up horse racing's Triple Crown?
8. How long is a professional basketball period?
9. How many football players on a team?
10. In which sport can a player achieve a hat trick?
11. What's a perfect score in bowling?
12. How many downs does a football team have to move the ball 10 yards?
13. Which tennis tournaments make up the Grand Slam?
14. What does the boxing term KO stand for?
15. How many points is a touchdown worth?