January 1989 Fashion Etc.: Menswear, Pajamas & The National Teen-Ager Foundation

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The holiday parties of late 1988 are behind us: time to hunker down for the long, long winter in pajamas and layered white leggings, sweaters, and shawls! If you simply MUST go out, why not remix your wardrobe with some menswear pieces borrowed from your boyfriend, or possibly your much, MUCH taller dad? There’s also tips on achieving pretty hands, faking long lashes, and a future movie cutie hawking tampons. We get into all the fashion (etc.) of the January 1989 issue right here!

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00:00:00 It Is January 1989 00:03:26 Cover + Sassiest Girl Face Blindness 00:05:50 Feature: His Clothes 00:14:40 Feature: PJ Days 00:17:40 Feature: Wild Wild Whites 00:21:48 What Next: Crochet Away 00:25:59 Feature: Pretty Hands 00:31:25 Feature: Fake 00:35:02 We Try It 00:35:35 About Face 00:37:24 Then & Now: Easy On The Eyes 00:38:25 Sassy Ads 00:44:39 Sassy Club 00:46:21 Diary: To: All Sassy Readers 00:48:27 Say What 00:55:11 Inside Out: Decisions, Decisions 00:56:00 Goodbye For Now 00:58:02 The Pull Out Calendar

Episode Notes

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The National Teen-Ager Foundation at GeorgiaCompanyRegistry.com
The Miss National Teenager Pageant
"America's Elegant Miss National Teenager 2020 MaryAnn Bagwell" on YouTube
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