March 1988: How Competitive Are You?

You overhear your brother boasting to your parents about another straight-A report card. You managed three As, but the rest were Bs and Cs. You:

Both you and your best friend are trying out for cheerleader. She asks you for help with her routine. You:

At aerobics class you:

SAT scores come back and you didn't do as well as you'd hoped. You:

The senior class president decides to throw a party the same night as the one you've been planning since the beginning of the year. You:

Your best friend, who dreams of being the next Emily Brontë, has entered an essay competition. Your English teacher suggests you enter it as well. You:

A boy you'd die for has a favor to ask -- he wants you to ask your best friend if she'll go out with him. You:

After weeks of tryouts, it comes down to you and a six foot senior for captain of the school basketball team. You:

After sending your application off to the Oregon School of Forestry, your best friend tells you that she's planning to apply to Harvard. You:

You've held the school's 100-yard dash record for the past year. On the day of this year's race, your hottest rival can't find her track shoes and asks to borrow a pair of yours. You: