September 1988: How Good A Best Friend Are You?

It's 1:00 A.M. and the phone rings. Your dad announces — in his patented "you're gonna get it" voice — that it's for you. It's your best friend and she's dying to tell you about her date. You:

Your best friend is obsessed with the new Swedish exchange student. You wouldn't mind going out with him either (but you've kept that to yourself). On Friday he asks you out. You:

You find out your best friend bought some crack. You:

Your best friend's birthday is the same day Iron Maiden is playing. He'd die to see them live — you'd rather die. You:

You're at the movies and you see your best friend's boyfriend with another girl. You:

The entire universe (everyone you know anyway) has been invited to a party. You find out your best friend has purposely been left out. You:

Your best friend's family's house just burned down-along with everything in it. You:

Your best friend has been struggling with his chemistry lab report all weekend (you whizzed through yours). When he asks for help, you:

Your best friend is having a little trouble sticking to her diet. You:

Your best friend ambitiously decided to make her own prom dress this year. At 3:00 on the big day, the dress still isn't done. You: