Quiz: Could You Become Anorexic Or Bulimic?

One in every 200 teenage girls in America starves herself. Nearly 1 in every 4 binges and purges. Eight percent of anorexics and bulimics will die. Now, most of us have relatively healthy, stable eating habits. But-even if you don’t have either of these disorders now, there are signs that’ll show you whether your attitude toward food makes you a likely candidate. Answer the following questions and find out.

Do you usually feel uncomfortable eating in front of other people?

Do you generally make a point of eating less than the people around you?

Do you usually stop eating before you feel full?

When you're depressed, nervous or under stress, do you overeat in order to make yourself feel better?

Do you talk a lot about what and how much you eat?

Are you always looking for the "perfect" diet?

Do you frequently skip meals just so you won't gain weight?

Do you ever feel so guilty about eating something that you don't finish it?

Have you ever forced yourself to vomit after a meal?

Have you ever lied about "not feeling hungry" just to get out of eating a meal?

Do you choose foods based on how many calories they have? (For example, would you choose a diet soda over a regular one, even though you prefer the taste of a regular one?)

Have you ever taken laxatives or diuretics in order to lose weight quickly?

Do you reward yourself when you accomplish something by eating "forbidden foods" — things you've otherwise eliminated from your diet?

Do you feel like you've failed if you eat the "wrong" foods or break your diet?

Do you only feel good about yourself as a person when you are losing weight?