December 1988: How Honest Are You

1. You borrow your best friend's skirt and accidentally spill salad dressing on it. When she asks for it, you:
2. You agree to meet an ex-boyfriend for a movie, even though you're not interested in him anymore. You:
3. You know who spray-painted graffiti all over the gym floor. When the principal asks if you know anything, you:
4. Your best friend (who's touchy about her weight) proudly shows off her new bathing suit. You think it makes her look chubbier. You:
5. The checkout chick accidentally gives you $10 too much change. You:
6. All your friends are talking about how daggy George Michael is, but you think he's hot. You:
7. Your best friend told her mother she was spending the night at your house SO she could go over to her boyfriend's. When her mother calls, you:
8. Your sister tells you she went to a party where everybody was doing drugs-including her. Your parents find out about the party and ask you if she was involved. You:
9. You cause an accident in your dad's car. When he asks about it, you:
10. It's your turn to walk the dog, but you're already late for a date. You: