Quiz: How Artistic Are You?

Would you rather swim the English Channel (in winter) than attempt to draw a straight line without a ruler? Or are you the type whose American History book is full of Bic pen masterpieces? Whether you think your artistic abilities lean more toward Rambo or Rembrandt, take this quiz to find out just how artistic you really are. You may surprise yourself.

You get a plain black jacket for your birthday. You're most likely to:

What best describes your bedroom?

Which two would you most like to meet?

If your biology teacher snagged your notebook during a lecture (heaven forbid) what would he or she be most likely to find inside?

What would it take to get you to audition for the school play?

It's your first date with [your current male obsession's name here]. When he heads for the men's room you:

lf you could only be the best at one thing, which would it be?

Okay, word association time. When we say "stretcher" what do you think of?

If you could pick just one, which would you join?

Where would you most like to spend a rainy Saturday?