Quiz: How Compatible Are You?

Here it is! Take the quiz from the April 1988 issue of Sassy complete with your personal score at the end.

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So you think you found your perfect match, huh? Maybe he’s already your boyfriend. Or let’s say you’re in mad passionate lust with, oh I don’t know, River Phoenix. Or that guy-who-sits-next-to-you-in-trigonometry-who-doesn’t-know-you’re-alive. To find out if you and your crush are a match made in heaven, answer each question for yourself, then answer each question the way you think he would respond. Put a or b in the blank next to “You would” and a or b in the blank next to “He would.” Get the idea?

When Gone With the Wind is on TV

a) get out the box of Kleenex, plant yourself in front of the tube and start practicing your southern accent.

b) sit through your little brother's collection of Duran Duran videos rather than watch that ancient movie again.

One of you wants pizza. The other is way into Chinese.

a) throw a fit until you get your way— you know, the mature approach.

b) give in and agree to the pizza (as long as it's deep dish).

With $100

a) figure out how many INXS albums you could buy.

b) invest in the stock market.

After a big fight

a) expect a signed peace treaty, unconditional surrender and a dozen red roses by dawn—or else.

b) struggle to wait even five minutes before calling to apologize.

You go together to a party

a) want to hold hands all evening.

b) rather mingle and dance with other people.

It's Friday night and you've got the house to yourself

a) suggest a quiet night at home, just the two of you, the dog and a big bowl of Jelly Bellies.

b) get on the phone and invite 100 close friends over for an impromptu party.

You're late for school and the sign says "Don't Walk"

a) run

b) wait at the crosswalk, of course

If one of the teachers at school were gay

a) petition to have the teacher fired

b) take no notice of it. What difference does it make anyway, as long as he's a good teacher?

You both have that dreaded history final tomorrow

a) watch TV till about 9:30, then stay up all night cramming

b) start studying right after school, then go to bed early and get up at 6:00 A.M. to finish going over your notes

A friend has tickets to a U2 concert on the same day as your annual family picnic

a) blow off the picnic. There's no contest between Bono and Uncle Harry

b) pass on the tickets this time. The picnic means a lot to your family. Besides, U2 tours a lot