Quiz: How Gutsy Are You?

What are you? A mouse or a man? (okay, don’t take it so literally. When push comes to shove, do you draw your pistol or get the hell out of Dodge? When the going gets tough, do you get going – or go to the mall? To gauge your gutsiness, add up the points from your answers to the questions below.

You're visiting Universal Studios and you spot Robert Downey, Jr. taking a breather on the set. You:

The local beauty parlor needs girls willing to have their hair cut and colored for an upcoming hair show. You:

Results from your English midterm come back and your grade seems Unfairly low. You:

The guy you're dying to go to the dance with still hasn't asked you. You:

You're strapped for cash and need some after-school employment. You:

You're out to dinner with your parents and your old boyfriend walks into the restaurant with his wanky new girlfriend. You:

You're wandering aimlessly through the mall when you notice a lady stuffing Calvin Klein panty hose under her coat. You:

You're walking home from school when a convoy of fire engines races past you. As you turn the corner, you see that the neighbors' house is on fire and you hear their dog barking inside. You:

You're editor of the school newspaper and the journalism teacher censors your front-page story about on-campus condom vending machines. You:

You have an accident in Dad's car. You: