Quiz: How Vain Are You?

Here it is! Take the quiz from the May 1988 issue of Sassy complete with your personal score at the end.

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Vanity: inflated pride in (‘van•ət•ē) 1) oneself or one’s appearance. Sound familiar? Take this quiz to find out if you’re a vanity case.

Welcome to your May 1988: How Vain Are You?

Have you ever worn a miniskirt on freezing-cold day just because it was flattering?

Do you carry a mirror in your purse and check it at least once an hour?

Would you cancel a date because you couldn't find an outfit that you thought looked good?

Do you spend more than an hour getting ready for school?

Would you rather spend Friday night baby-sitting than be seen at a party wearing the same dress you wore last weekend?

Would you rather be told that you're good-looking than that you're good-hearted?

Do you stay out of the pool — no matter how hot it is — in order to preserve your makeup?

Do you censor family photos and take out the ones that make you look bad?

Would you turn down a date if you didn't think he was good-looking enough to impress your friends?

Do you spend more than three-quarters of your allowance on make-up and clothes?

On graduation day, would you force yourself not to cry because it might make your mascara run?

Have you ever missed hearing the teacher call on you because you were busy wondering if the lipstick you put on that morning was the right color?

When you arrive at a party, before you hunt down your friends, do YOU quietly check out all the other girls in the room to make sure no one looks better than you?

Would the house have to be on fire in order for you to leave it without putting on makeup?

Before a job interview, do you spend more time choosing your lipstick than writing your resume?

Have you ever interrupted a conversation to ask for an opinion of your new haircut?

If your boyfriend said he didn't like your new pants, would you return them?

When you go to the mall, do you spend most of the time looking at yourself in the plate glass windows?

Have you ever told a friend to wear something that looked bad on her so you would look better by comparison?

Do you worry if you don't get at least one compliment a day?