Quiz: Rate Your Guy Appeal

So guys aren’t everything. But they’re certainly not nothing. To find out how the way you’re acting (talking, walking and looking) affects the way your particular guy of choice reacts (or doesn’t react) to you, take this little quiz. Do it now.

Truth is, there's this very exchange student from Denmark in your trig class, second row, third seat from the left (this is a quiz, so visualize, will ya?). When he smiles at you, you:

Your best friend arrives at your back-to-school party with the aforementioned exchange student. She starts chatting but forgets to introduce the male accompaniment. You:

Your party is going well, so when the sun goes down you turn up your disc spinner to encourage a little dancing. You spot the Denmark dude standing all by himself, so you:

So you're dancing now. You:

The next day you and your buds are lounging at the mall when you see the Danish god doing some hanging out of his own. You:

Later that same night, the phone rings. It's him calling to ask you out for tomorrow night. You:

Your closet is open and you're getting dressed for your date. You finally decide to wear:

He arrives right on schedule and says he's taking you to a movie you saw last weekend. You:

The movie starts. You:

On Monday you see him in the hall at school. You: