Quiz: Rate Your Moodiness

You know the feeling: One minute you’re up, the next minute you’re lower than the proverbial snake’s belly button. They’re called moods, and everybody has them. The trick is learning to control your moods-not the other way around. Take this quiz and find out how well you’ve mastered the art of mood management.

How many different feelings (happiness, depression, anger, paranoia, euphoria, frustration, etc.) do you go through in one day?

How often do you feel depressed without knowing why?

You wake up and it's cloudy and drizzly out. What do you do?

How often do you say you'll do something, then pull out at the last minute because you're not up to it?

Would your friends, family, boyfriend or other sundry loved ones say you're unpredictable?

How often do you cry?

Your boyfriend is moving, you flunked geography and your best sweater has holes in it. What would it take to cheer you up?

Do you ever get upset about trivial things that never bothered you before (the color of your bedroom walls, Tiffany's 900 line, etc.)?

You're psyched about wearing your navy leggings. Then you discover they're in the wash. How do you react?

If you wake up happy, how long do you usually stay that way?