The Listen To Sassy Club

$5 That’s right, for half the price of a ten dollar cup of coffee you get so much extra Listen to Sassy, you’ll swear Neill will try to date you! We’ve got lots of immediate perks plus some juicy stretch goals. Check it all out below and join the club today!

Club Perks

Reference Scans

Get access to the full cover-to-cover PDF reference scans of the magazine we use during our episode recordings.

Sassy Chat

Access to the Listen To Sassy Discord (chat) to talk to your hosts and fellow listeners about all this Sassy, Gen-X and Miracle Whip!

Early Episode Access

Enjoy the smug feeling of getting episodes in advance of their regular Tuesday morning drop. As soon as they are ready, they will drop for club members! That could be a week, day or minute in advance depending on Life Things.

Ad Free Episodes + Chapters

Listen to episodes without advertising breaks — except for when we talk about ads in the magazine, natch. Also, the Patreon version of the podcast features chapter markers making it easy to skip or revisit any segments.

Merch Discounts + Giveaways

When there’s merch, you can get it a bit cheaper. Plus giveaways for stickers, buttons and things of the such.

Stretch Goals

For every $1000 in pledges we collect, we’ll unlock a new perk for all Patreons!


We stick to an agenda in our regular episodes, but this would be a looser conversation among the three co-hosts, about what’s going on with us in a given week, or jumping off from a topic in the main episode. 

Further Readings

We’ve had a lot of laughs about the idea of a Starlogjam podcast, but unlocking our highest goal would make that a reality — and also open the door for us to do deep dives on individual issues of DirtJane, other teen magazines from the Sassy era and beyond, and other special monthly events.  Want to hear us welcome guests to discuss their Sassy years? Watch us play the Sassy board game? Do dramatic readings from Jane Pratt’s books? All of that is possible!