March 1988 Pop Culture: Mack, Mallory & Iron Lad

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After flicking through Mackenzie Astin, Keith Coogan (yes, again), Married To The Mob, Tom Cruise, and more (Glemby) in What Now, it’s on to the reviews. How do we vibe with the star ratings given to Rick Astley, Madonna, and R.E.M. — of course — in Listen Up? What about Moonstruck and September in Watch It?

Then, once we revisit Charlie Schlatter, our very first One To Watch, it’s on to the pop culture features. Christina and an Iain Blair tag-team to profile a circa-Less Than Zero Robert Downey Jr. Then John Elder pervs all over poor Justine Bateman. Dig out your copy of Kick: we Need You (to listen to our latest podcast) Tonight.

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00:00:00 Hello, It's March 1988 00:03:06 What Now: Up Close With Mackenzie Astin 00:16:09 What Now: Cieth Coogan Count 00:18:35 What Now: Bumping Into Married To The Mob and Tom Cruise 00:24:20 What Now: And Now A Word From Glemby 00:26:56 What Now: Sassy Launch Party 00:29:55 What Now: Fury Of Bubbles, etc. 00:33:05 Listen Up: Inxs 00:36:19 Listen Up: R.E.M. 00:40:12 Listen Up: Cindy Lee Berryhill 00:41:43 Listen Up: Eurythmics 00:43:51 Listen Up: Rick Astley 00:45:33 Listen Up: Madonna 00:49:25 Watch It: Moonstruck 00:51:10 Watch It: Anna 00:52:42 Watch It: Good Morning, Vietnam 00:53:05 Watch It: September 00:54:38 One To Watch: Charlie Schlatter 00:56:31 Robert Downey, Jr. Is A Little Weird, But We Like Him 01:02:19 This Girl [Justine Bateman] Has Touched Michael J. Fox, Scott Valentine and Jason Bateman...What’s She Got That You Don’t? 01:09:08 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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Under The Boardwalk (the release title of Wipe Out) on Amazon Prime
The Married To The Mob poster
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Madonna A to Z, by Mark Blankenship and Sarah D. Bunting
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The Anna trailer on YouTube
Sally Kirkland's Golden Globe win on YouTube
The pilot of the Ferris Bueller TV series on YouTube
Charlie Schlatter on Instagram
Schlatter on his chronic myeloid leukemia
Firooz Zahedi, who shot the Robert Downey Jr. portrait
Zahedi's other portraits
The Pulp Fiction poster, which Zahedi shot
"The star who came back from the depths" (The Guardian, August 23, 2008)
"A history of male journalists fetishizing their female subjects, in 8 profiles" (Vox, July 25, 2016)
Rachel Axler's New Yorker essay satirizing this tendency
Justine Bateman on Twitter
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