May 1988 Slumber Party: Vanity, Threesomes & The Sassiest Girl In America

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How Vain Are You? The May 1988 quiz determined our rates (and yours) in a very scientific way! We hear from listeners about the quiz, vintage legwear, the Bill & Ted soundtrack, and other euphemisms for farting, among other topics. Then, as a special Slumber Party bonus, we all fill out the application for The Sassiest Girl In America contest…as we think we would have done in 1988. Get into it!

Episode Rundown

Hello, It's May 1988

From The Corrections Department

Quiz: How Vain Are You?

From The Hotline

The Sassiest Girl In America Contest

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

The theoretical podcast about dogs who fart would be called Listen To Assy.
Power Tool's "Two Heads Are Better Than One" lyrics
The shitty Ontario-only computer was not "POGO" but "ICON." The language was LOGO.
The Sassiest Girl In America Application
Tara's review of FX's Hysterical at Primetime
Untitled: A Bad Teen Novel at Amazon