October 1988 Fashion Etc.: Coats, Beats & Hate Mail

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What are you wearing in October 1988? Sassy wants to show you a lot of coats (which look good when accessorized with a boyfriend), a story inspired by the Beats, and jumpers. It also wants you to ruin a sweater with an assload of bells, and stick a bunch of hatpins in the tallest hat you can find. A beauty feature on how to achieve perfect skin proves to be another strangely formative story for two of your co-hosts, though the About Face items that most resonated are just…strange. Then & Now does a glam ’40s-style makeover; the ads take us through ABC Daytime stars, the two jobs available to women, and baffling typographical choices. Sassy Club gets spooky for October, Diary highlights Andrea, Say What blows the lid off a plagiarism scandal, and haters get ONE WHOLE PAGE to air their grievances. We hope you won’t be similarly aggrieved by our latest podcast!

Episode Rundown

It Is October 1988


Fashion: Cover

Fashion: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Fashion: The Beat Goes On

Fashion: One Two Three Dressed!

Making It: With Bells On

Hat Next: Keep Your Hat On

Beauty: Wanted: Perfect Skin

Then & Now: Get Sophisticated

Sassy Ads

Sassy Club

Diary: Our Sedona

Say What

Magazineyness: What Do YOU Think?

Goodbye For Now

About Face + Epiphonics

Episode Notes

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