November 1988 Teen Life: Sick Moms, Fighting Sisters & Virgins

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Sassy is, of course, very proud of the work they did in their first few issues — describing what readers’ first sexual experiences might be like, demystifying boys’ bodies, profiling out queer couples, and so on. But apparently the hate mail we read in the October issue was just a tiny fraction of what they received, or so we must surmise given November’s lead feature: “Virgins Are Cool”! The issue then wends its way through how to land very cool jobs; what life is like for sisters who just cannot get along; a trip to Portland, Maine; and not one but two pieces about living with a mother who is ill. All this and much more: we hope you’ll be thankful for our first episode on the November 1988 issue!

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00:00:00 It Is November 1988 00:04:15 In Our Lives + Spine Line 00:05:21 Feature: Virgins Are Cool 00:10:39 Feature: Terrorizing Your Sister 00:13:26 Feature: Ten Amazing Jobs (And What It Takes To Get Them) 00:21:45 Fiction: Visitation Rites 00:27:11 Body Talk 00:32:26 It Happened To Me: Lynnโ€™s Mother Died Of Cancer 00:35:29 Help 00:42:24 On The Road: Portland 00:44:59 What He Said: Do You Want To Live With A Girl Before You Marry Her? 00:46:55 Stuff You Wrote 00:50:35 Goodbye For Now 00:52:46 Crack Is Wack

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