August 1989 Teen Life: Gambling, Cheerleading & Flings

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Want to learn how grim a teen’s journey into gambling addiction actually is? NO? Well, too bad, because Catherine’s piece on Kim Cohen leads off the features in the August 1989 issue. We also cover cheerleading, summer flings, the intimate results of the recent Sassy readers’ poll, and a short story about a girl short-circuiting her mom’s affair with an electrician (see what we did there). But wait, there’s more! Soy sauce! Bad breath! Communes! Abortion! Athlete’s foot! And a whole new feature, It’s My Life, to make you jealous of a girl you never met just because she got to tell the whole Sassy readership how cool she is! Go sit in front of a fan and listen to us talk about the Teen Life topics of the August 1989 issue!

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00:00:00 It Is August 1989 00:03:15 Feature: Why She Gambled 00:17:45 Feature: Cheerleaders As A Concept 00:21:58 Feature: Summer Romance Is Good For You 00:27:32 Feature: All The Things You Wouldn’t Tell Your Friends 00:37:23 Body Talk 00:40:33 Help 00:41:07 It’s My Life: Kathy Bonner 00:42:05 It Happened To Me: Grew Up On A Commune 00:45:46 What He Said: Do You Think Abortion Should Be Legal? 00:48:01 Signs 00:49:40 Stuff You Wrote + Goodbye For Now 00:55:58 I Can Think Of A Reason, Dave

Episode Notes

Kim's father Lenny Cohen on the job
"The Death And Life Of Atlantic City" at [subscription required]
White House Sub Shop
"The Dangers Of Youth Gambling Addiction" at
Scott Heiser at the Delaware Art Museum
Heiser's 1993 obituary at the
Jeffersonville High School's 2016 production of Bring It On: The Musical
Karen's Summer Romance feature in a nutshell
"Jolt Cola: The Story Of The Original Energy Drink" at
"Parent's Guide To Drug Abuse: Drug Paraphernalia" at
Class Act Locker Answering Machine on Etsy
Class Act TV commercial on YouTube
Soy sauce making video on TikTok
"The History Of Soy Sauce" at
"The Center For Population Options Increasingly Advises Standards-And-Practices Staffers. Tuesday, The Center Will Give Awards" at
"Is It True That People Who Are Always Barefoot Don't Get Athlete's Foot?" at
"Going Barefoot Cleared Up Athlete's Foot" at
Lume Deodorant
"Is The Boom In Communal Living Really The Good Life?" at
"What Happened To America's Communes?" at
Tara's article on further Friends apologies Marta Kauffman should make, at
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