September 1989 Fashion Etc.: Buttons, Blimps & Horse Girls

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What’s your look going to be when you head back to school this year? Horse girl? All-red Christmas elf? Sticking buttons on all your garments, until they inevitably fall off in a trail behind you? Sassy is here for ALL these ideas! We also learn about tiny jewelry, models so “quirky” they actually look smart, some truly demented ads, and the arrival of a Fashion Editor, at last. Put down your glue gun and listen!

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00:00:00 It Is September 1989 00:05:25 Fashion Feature: Red Is 00:13:33 Fashion Feature: Stable Manners 00:23:05 Fashion Feature: Buttoned Up 00:26:32 What Next 00:30:10 Beauty Feature: Quirky Models 00:33:12 About Face 00:36:28 Then And Now 00:39:17 Sassy Ads 00:57:39 Diary 00:58:57 Say What 01:02:23 Inside Out 01:03:54 Goodbye For Now 01:06:10 Dry Skin Right Here 01:06:33 My Kingdom

Episode Notes

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