October 1989 Teen Life: Reputations, Periods & World Statistics

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For once, the lead feature is not heavy with tragedy — it’s just a little research piece on stats about teens in the U.S. compared to other countries. Do WE find a way to end on a bummer note anyway? …Sorry, but yes, we do. We also discuss a piece that claims to help you “blow off” a reputation you might not want, and a collection of Sassy staffers’ most horrifying and graphic period stories. Beyond the features, we’re talking gum, toilet strat, cheaters, eye twitches, and much much more! Pull up your 3D socks and join us!

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Episode Rundown

It Is October 1989

In Our Lives

Feature: You vs. The World

Feature: How To Blow Off Your Reputation

Feature: Embarrassing Moments In Our Menstrual History

Body Talk

What He Said: Have You Ever Cheated On A Girlfriend?

It Happened To Me: Agoraphobia


Stuff You Wrote

Goodbye For Now

It's A Chompy-Chompy

Episode Notes

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