November 1989 Teen Life: Pregnant, Drafted & Dumped

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Megan and Kim return to help us cover all the Teen Life topics of the November 1989 issue! After racing through the lead bummer feature about the passes rich white criminals get, we discuss some solid advice from Christina on what to do — and, more importantly, what NOT to do — when you get dumped. The winners of a photography contest surprise us with their competence. Some guys DON’T surprise us with their shallow thinking about whether women should be subject to a military draft. There’s also soup, Harvard, anemia, adoption, a bumper crop of Stuff You Wrote, and oh so very much more!

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00:00:00 It Is November 1989 00:05:44 Feature: White Guys Are Getting Away With Murder 00:11:46 Feature: You've Been Dumped 00:13:34 Feature: Our Best-Picture-You-Ever-Took Contest 00:15:22 Fiction: Poison Ivy 00:19:37 Body Talk 00:22:56 It Happened To Me: Pregnant At 15 00:27:15 Help 00:31:11 What He Said: Do You Think Women Should Be Drafted? 00:34:57 Stuff You Wrote 00:42:35 Goodbye For Now

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