October & November 1989 Slumber Party: NKOTB, Frogs & Toilets

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Having skipped the October Slumber Party episode in late 2022, we’re bringing you a SUPER-SIZED installment featuring our results in not one but TWO quizzes: Rate Your Self-Destructiveness from the October 1989 issue, and Rate Your Mall Knowledge from November 1989. Then it’s on to several months’ worth of calls on such subjects as whether physical therapy is a scam, how to lord a birthstone ring over your haters, Crocs, tarot, Lady Gaga, and what is and isn’t necessary when it comes to public pooping. Sorry but also this is partly on you, or at least your fellow listeners!

Episode Rundown

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00:00:00 It Is October & November 1989 00:01:28 Quiz: Rate Your Self-Destructiveness 00:11:56 Quiz: Rate Your Mall Knowledge 00:17:46 From The Hotline 01:11:49 Goodbye For Now 01:13:50 Discarded Underwear Merch

Episode Notes

Sassy's October 1989 quiz: Rate Your Self-Destructiveness
Sassy's November 1989 quiz: Rate Your Mall Knowledge
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Forever 35's "Product Recall" episode on Sun-In
Tara's interview with Pam about My Year Of Dicks at GQ.com
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