October 1990 Teen Life: Driving Lessons, Alcoholism & Croutons

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More so than usual, the Teen Life topics of the October 1990 issue are here to help you figure out your life. What might a wise older person tell you about trying to get your driver’s license? What jobs are so weird you might actually want to do them? How do you heal from a parent’s substance use issues? Then there’s Amy, who writes an It Happened To Me about her internship at Mad magazine, not knowing what hangs us all up is her throwaway detail about spending the summer BEFORE that working at a crouton factory, but…did she? Really? Or is she just putting on airs (and seasoning)? Tampon durability, the first Sassiest Boy In America, and more all await you in our latest episode!

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Episode Rundown

It Is October 1990

Feature: Getting My Driver’s License? No Sweat.

Feature: My Alcoholic Father

Feature: Are These Jobs Weird Enough For You?

Feature: Ian Is Too Sassy

Fiction: Mr. Taylor


It Happened To Me: Interned at Mad Magazine

What He Said: Can Guys And Girls Be Just Friends?

Stuff You Wrote

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

Illustrator J. Otto Seibold
Room To Live at Texas Archive
Adult Children Of Alcoholics
Beth Bronner on NNDB
Bronner on Transplant Village
Shannon Eis in the Late Show segment "Dave's Holiday Go-Kart Of Fun!" on YouTube
Eis in the Late Show segment "Summer Toys" on YouTube
Ian Svenonius on Wikipedia
The Nation Of Ulysses's dΓ©but album on YouTube
"Ian Svenonius Publishes And Deletes Post About Being 'Completely Inappropriate To Women'" on Pitchfork
Svenonius on Instagram
Pamela Christman on Poets & Writers
Samuel Bayer on Wikipedia
A Teacher on Hulu [CW: grooming]
The Kids In The Hall sketch "Groovy Teacher" on YouTube
Subscription page for the defunct magazine Mad on the DC website
Mad's October 1986 issue on Scribd
Tara's list of forgotten 90s sitcoms on Cracked