March 1988 Slumber Party: Competition & Baking Soda

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We took Sassy‘s very first quiz — How Competitive Are You? — and so can you! It’s online and linked right here in the show notes. We each pick one question that particularly resonated with us and discuss it, and then report on our scores. Next, we play some of your calls. A few are about the quiz; a few are about how Sassy first came into listeners’ lives; and a few are on subjects we never ever could have predicted, and we love them. Then, we read an email from an O.G. Sassy staffer. Learn more about us, yourself, AND your fellow listeners with this latest episode!

Episode Rundown

Hello, It's March 1988

Quiz: How Competitive Are You?

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

Take the "How Competitive Are You?" Quiz
Tara's review of For All Mankind on Vanity Fair.
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The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show podcast
I Remember Everything: Life Lessons From Dawson's Creek by Erin Hensley and Julia Callahan
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