April 1988 Teen Life: AIDS, Divorce & Dating A Rock Star

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We’re back to TEEN LIFE topics, now in the April 1988 issue!

Christina Kelly gets a first-person account from a man whose friend died of AIDS as a teen. Karen Catchpole demystifies what it’s actually like to date a rock star, killing some Beastie Boys crushes in the process. Karen then dares to tell the truth about boys’ bodies — not just the parts in their boxer shorts, though that is admittedly what we’re mostly interested in. And Catherine Gysin prepares readers for how their lives might change after their parents’ divorce.

Christina returns with the Short Short Story “What Sudie Didn’t Tell Me.” On The Road takes a trip to Austin (a place all your co-hosts have lived and loved!). Body Talk moves from Fashion to Teen Life, and with it our comments on its reporting on pap smears, golf, and cross training. Help has some truly wild questions we must pray are fake before closing things out with What He Said: “What do you think of girls who make the first move?”

Visual Aids

Episode Rundown

Hello, It's April 1988

Us In April 1988 & Spine Line

Feature: My Best Friend Died Of AIDS

Feature: Dating A Rock Star: What It’s Really Like

Feature: The Truth About Boys’ Bodies

Feature: The Divorce Is Only The Beginning

Fiction: What Sudie Didn’t Tell Me

On The Road: Austin

Body Talk


What He Said

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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