April 1988 Fashion Etc: Prom, Lipstick & Floral Crafts!

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Let’s get to the fashion and beauty topics of the April 1988 issue! Want to know what to wear “holidaying”? To prom? On a first date? You’re also going to learn how to kill five hours at home, keep lipstick off your teeth, make a fabric flower, and so much more — all in our latest podcast! You WILL need an iron.

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Episode Rundown

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00:00:00 Hello, It's April 1988 00:01:26 Noxzema The Burninator 00:02:49 Fashion: The Cover + Depp Poster 00:05:14 Fashion: Holidaying 00:08:44 Fashion: Talk Of The Prom 00:13:14 Fashion: Decisions, Decisions 00:17:34 Fashion: What Next 00:20:51 Beauty: How To Shake Up Your Saturday 00:26:35 Beauty: Just One Color 00:27:21 Beauty: About Face 00:31:35 Beauty: Then & Now 00:34:02 Sassy Ads 00:45:29 Sassy Club 00:49:54 Magazineyness: Diary 00:51:29 Magazineyness: Say What 00:55:29 Magazineyness: Inside Out 00:59:23 Goodbye For Now 01:01:03 Humoring Pam

Episode Notes

Noxzema Pump 80s commercial
YouTube tutorial for DIY fabric flowers
YouTube tutorial for DIY paper flowers
YouTube instructions for fake bangs
Revlon's origins as a nail polish company
Buf-Puf Daily Cleanser With Microbead Capsules on eBay
The fight against microbeads today
April's quiz: How Compatible Are You?
Tara on the Slashfilmcast podcast, talking about Minari