April 1988 Slumber Party: Compatibility & Amtrak Bangs

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Sassy‘s second quiz — How Compatible Are You? — had SOME of us asking a lot of questions about whether we had actually married the right person close to 24 years ago. Then we fired up the voicemails and took a wild ride through your reminiscences about your first periods, the albums you scammed out of Columbia House, your celebrity encounters, and your most regrettable hairdon’ts. Stretch out on the shag rug and listen!

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00:00:00 Hello, It's April 1988 00:01:57 Quiz: How Compatible Are You? 00:15:59 From The Hotline 00:57:39 Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

Quiz: How Compatible Are You?
Pam on the Go Fact Yourself podcast
Tara's review of The Real World Homecoming: New York at Variety
The Real World Homecoming: New York discussed at our sister podcast, Extra Hot Great
City Of Ghosts on Netflix