August 1988 Pop Culture: Lou Diamond Phillips, Guest Critics & Baby River Phoenix

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The pop culture coverage in the August 1988 issue is a bit slighter than we’re used to, allowing us to get into nearly every bit of it. What Now tells us to get hype for The Fly II, Haunted Summer, and The Prince Of Pennsylvania, also mentioning in passing a comedy called Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, shrug. It also gets into John Stamos’s new haircut, a Europe member’s birthday, the unreleased Jon Cryer/Penelope Spheeris movie Dudes, the Amnesty International tour, and the dearth of women in heavy metal. Outside pop culture, we learn about “the crack” in the Sassy Glossary, and hunt down photos of the River Phoenix poster that the previous owners of our magazine copies obviously ripped out before selling them to us. To mix it up, the magazine gets a bevy of young stars it’s recently interviewed, or about to — including Alex Winter (twice), Paul Hipp, Alan Boyce, Johnny Depp, Annabeth Gish, and more — to serve as guest critics in Watch It and Listen Up. And finally, Christina does yeoman’s work in her write-around profile of an unavailable Lou Diamond Phillips. We hope YOU are available to listen!

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Episode Rundown

It Is August 1988

In Our Lives

What Now: The Fly II + Haunted Summer

What Now: Prince Of Pennsylvania

What Now: Free Pee-wee + John Stamos's Hair

What Now: Dudes

What Now: Debbie Gibson

What Now: Female Heavy Metal Stars

What Now: Amnesty International Concerts

What Now: The Crack

What Now: River Phoenix Poster

Watch It: The Year My Voice Broke

Watch It: The Blob

Watch It: Willow

Listen Up: Boogie Down Productions

Listen Up: Iggy Pop

Listen Up: Sam Phillips + Thomas Dolby

One To Watch: Rodney Harvey

Feature: Lou Diamond Phillips: Don’t Sit Home Waiting For His Call

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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John Stamos before his 1988 haircut
John Stamos after his 1988 haircut
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The Dudes poster Pam had
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Big Joanie
"Who will set us free of the bogus Irishness of craic?" at The Irish Times
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The Year My Voice Broke trailer on YouTube
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"Iggy Pop on David Bowie: 'He Resurrected Me'" at The New York Times
"Why David Bowie and Iggy Pop chose Berlin over Los Angeles" at Far Out
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Lou Diamond Phillips with his cats
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