August 1988 Fashion: Sweaters, Denim & Smart Tartan

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Let’s get fashionable, August 1988-style! It’s time to start your back-to-school shopping, and you KNOW that means you’re going to see a fashion story about plaid. Have you also heard about denim? Or sweaters? Because those get a moment in the spotlight too. What Next is also going to tell you what’s hot on the runways of real, grown-up fashion brands, while What Now scales back the difficulty level with a craft involving buttons. (Don’t be scared.) This issue also features the premiere of We Try It, with Sassy staffers raiding the beauty closet and reviewing things like the Conair Fashion Plates iron that can crimp a star into your hair! You’ll also learn about Cheryl in Diary, and about everyone’s jobs in a feature in which all the staffers try subbing in for one another for a day. We discuss all of the above, and so much more — so many new ads!!! — in this week’s podcast!

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00:00:00 It Is August 1988 00:02:12 In Our Lives 00:04:28 Fashion: Cover 00:07:15 Fashion: Smart Tartan 00:13:33 Fashion: Hyper Denim 00:20:32 Fashion: Sweater Girls 00:22:19 Fashion: What Next: Big Designers Fall Forward 00:25:08 Beauty: Who’s That Girl? 00:26:20 Beauty: Wake Up! 00:30:08 Beauty: We Try It 00:34:37 Beauty: About Face 00:35:13 Beauty: Then & Now 00:38:12 Sassy Ads 00:51:41 Sassy Club 00:53:21 Magazineyness: Diary 00:54:35 Magazineyness: Say What 00:57:08 Magazineyness: We Just Weren’t Ourselves That Day 00:59:20 Magazineyness: Inside Out 01:04:37 Goodbye For Now 01:06:34 Covid Fuck Party

Episode Notes

Cover model Carrie Boone's '80s-era booking composite
Carrie Boone on IMDb
Carrie Boone on being a short model, in McCall's
Steven White's website
Steven White on Instagram
Betsey Johnson tartan pixie pants at Torrid (more Johnson plaids at the source)
Plaid bondage pants at
Whittal And Shon Ou La La face mask
Whittal And Shon Misha Yacht Cap
The Shophound on Tootsie Plohound
Lara Rossignol's website
Naomi Kaltman's website
Conair Fashion Plates on Etsy
Iris Apfel in her signature oversized glasses
John Norum's website
Tara's review of Kevin Can F*** Himself at Primetimer
Pam on the TV Guidance Counselor podcast