August 1988 Slumber Party: Guts, Cheese & Bathing Caps

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How gutsy are we? Gutsy enough to share our results from August 1988’s “How Gutsy Are You?” quiz, and even to critique the framing of several questions. Then we move on to your latest calls: this month, you want to talk about the quiz (and you also have some notes), narcs, bathing caps, crushes on teachers, the horror of having restaurant staff sing “Happy Birthday” to you, and so much more! We’re not going to tell if you don’t brush your teeth before getting in your sleeping bag for the Slumber Party!

Episode Rundown

It Is August 1988

Quiz: How Gutsy Are You?

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

The August 1988 quiz, "How Gutsy Are You?"
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