September 1988 Pop Culture: Kevin Dillon, Amanda Peterson & Celebrity Style Fails

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This is the POP CULTURE episode, not Fashion Etc., but given all the talk of hair, we’d get it if you got confused. As extensions! On arms! Stats about who’s dyeing what shade! It’s a lot. Watch It has some harsh words for the Pet Shop Boys’ full-length film. Listen Up features, among others, a band from Australia’s nearest neighbor — hey, Crowded House! And the features tell us all about Kevin Dillon, Amanda Peterson, and a bunch of bad candids we’re supposed to think represent female stars’ personal style when, let’s be real, they almost certainly didn’t. Pause Forever Your Girl — but not forever; its “BOMB” review was unjust — and join us!

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00:00:00 Hello, It Is September 1988 00:02:11 In Our Lives 00:07:13 What Now: Who Has Fake Hair? 00:11:07 What Now: Celebrity Styles (And Slipups) 00:12:58 What Now: Matthew Broderick 00:15:19 What Now: Jason Patric 00:15:47 What Now: Peter Has Lousy Taste 00:18:09 What Now: Who Hasn’t Rob Lowe Kissed? 00:20:24 What Now: Poison Recall 00:21:17 What Now: Bogus Blondes 00:22:07 What Now: Condoms That Roll Over 00:23:29 What Now: Abortion Rates 00:24:26 Watch It: A Summer Story 00:25:55 Watch It: Big Business 00:27:31 Watch It: Poltergeist III 00:28:38 Watch It: The Presidio 00:29:18 Watch It: It Couldn’t Happen Here 00:30:38 Listen Up: Crowded House 00:32:30 Listen Up: Run-D.M.C. 00:34:22 Listen Up: Brian Setzer 00:37:04 Listen Up: Paula Abdul 00:38:21 One To Watch: Jonathan Ward 00:40:37 Feature: Kevin Dillon Likes To Garden 00:44:49 Feature: Amanda Peterson Hates Cheerleaders 00:47:11 Feature: Beauty Styles (And Slipups) Of The Rich And Famous 00:49:39 Goodbye For Now

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