September 1988 Fashion Etc.: Fishing, Jean Jodhpurs & Unnecessary Accessories

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We’re dealing with the fashion, beauty, and magazine-y topics of the September 1988 issue, and not dealing with them well because the editors have given us so much to yell about! Which garments are not safe to wear in a creek, or without pants? Why would anyone hike their giant pants up so high? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR DAD’S OLD JEANS?! We also look at the cold war between surfers and skateboarders (???); what’s new in shoes, socks, and hair removal; new ads; Sassy Club; and why Neill gets rave reviews for…doing his actual job. Take off that NAPOLEON HAT and listen!

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Episode Rundown

Hello, It Is September 1988

In Our Lives + Cover

Fashion: Going Fishing

Fashion: Big Bottoms

Fashion: Surfers Vs. Skaters

Fashion: Necessary Accessories

Fashion: Making It: Redo Your Denim

Fashion: What Next: Foot Fetish

Beauty: We Try It

Sassy Ads

Sassy Club

Magazineyness: Say What

Magazineyness: Inside Out: A Neill By Any Other Name

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Episode Notes

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