November 1988 Fashion Etc.: Suede, Sunflowers & Scent

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It’s hard to know what the editors think their reader is doing in November 1988, based on the issue’s fashion and style content. Is she dressing drably for a job? Visiting the Southwest (again) in suede? Attending a formal girls-only party? Maybe all three in succession! At least the hair story suggests pleasantly un-fussy styles…not that you can really see them in the photos. We also learn about the coming sunflower invasion, how to even out your eyelashes, what perfume is, and much much more! Roll your hair up — or don’t — and join us!

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Hello It Is November 1988

Fashion: Cover

Fashion: The Country Girl

Fashion: Easily Suede

Fashion: All Dressed Up

What Next: Sunflower Power

Beauty: Spare Hair

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