November 1988 Slumber Party: Perfectionism, Australian Slang & Deborah Norville

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Are You A Perfectionist? Only you can answer that for yourself (with Sassy‘s help); after you’ve finished completing the quiz, you can listen to your co-hosts’ results. Then we play your latest voicemails and learn more about acne, salads, the Downtown Choir, what Australians REALLY think of the word “spunk,” Deborah Norville, and which of us was owed an apology from one of our listeners. Join us!

Episode Rundown

It Is November 1988

Quiz: Are You A Perfectionist?

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

The 1988 Sears Wish Book
Digital saxophone
1988 board games, including L.A. Law
Tara's perfectly folded fitted sheet on Instagram
Tara's roundup of Holey Moley ripoffs on Defector
The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show