January 1989 Teen Life: Tattoos, Teen Dads & The First-Ever Sassiest Girl In America

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3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 1989, and we’re kicking off our coverage of the January issue by talking about its Teen Life topics. What’s teen pregnancy like for the dads? Why is your body going wacko? How did Christina survive an Outward Bound rafting trip? And who was named the very first Sassiest Girl In America? (Okay, the cover kind of gives that one away.) There’s also What He Said about tattoos; a trip to Wabash, IN; another too-whimsical fiction story; a wildly fake It Happened To Me; and so much more. Make some noise!

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00:00:00 It Is January 1989 00:02:38 Feature: My Girlfriend Got Pregnant 00:07:57 Feature: Who’s The Sassiest One Of All? 00:20:12 Feature: Why Your Body’s Going Wacko 00:23:32 Feature: There’s No MTV In The Wilderness 00:28:48 Fiction: Joe’s Dead 00:32:51 Body Talk 00:43:01 On The Road: Wabash, IN 00:47:38 Help 00:53:04 It Happened To Me: Friend Getting Sexually Abused 00:55:05 What He Said: What Do You Think Of Girls With Tattoos? 00:59:32 Stuff You Wrote 01:05:31 Goodbye For Now

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