December 1988 Slumber Party: Honesty, New Jersey & Caboodles

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We hope you brought your sleeping bag because it’s Slumber Party time! Your co-hosts share their results from the December 1988 quiz — How Honest Are You? — and then play some of the most recent voicemails left on our hotline (720-SASSY-GO — just program it into your phone and call us whenever the spirit moves you!). What memories did our episodes dislodge in the minds of your fellow listeners? Douche jokes, Caboodle coveting, defenses of gravel-voiced vocalists, and so much more.

Episode Rundown

It Is December 1988

LTS Club Drunken Holiday Drive

Quiz: How Honest Are You?

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

Bruce Springsteen Can't Poop

Episode Notes

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