February 1989 Teen Life: Swimming, Braces & How To Tell If Someone Likes You

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XXXOOO, says the February 1989 spine line, and the issue is full of Valentine’s spirit…but first we need to talk about Christina’s article on unhoused teens in New York. THEN we can get to her 12 DEFINITIVE ways to tell if a guy loves you, as a treat. (What He Said flips the question by asking a panel of dudes how they can tell when a girl likes THEM.) There’s also another short story by the great Elizabeth Mosier, technological innovations in braces and pregnancy tests, a trip to Chicago, a first-person account of OCD, and much much more. Let this episode give you a great big O (…the hug kind) from all of us!

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00:00:00 It Is February 1989 00:02:08 Spine Line 00:03:59 Feature: Street Kids 00:12:27 Feature: Twelve Absolutely Definitive Ways To Tell If He Loves You 00:24:11 Fiction: Breaking Records 00:27:14 Body Talk 00:37:34 On The Road: Chicago 00:41:39 It Happened To Me: OCD 00:43:54 Help 00:48:43 What He Said: How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You? 00:52:06 Stuff You Wrote 00:58:01 Goodbye For Now 01:00:05 Donuts + The Missing News

Episode Notes

Outreach House in Queens
The Covenant House Nineline
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Laura Arcazki-Pacter bio at the Cottey College Viewpoint
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