February 1989 Pop Culture: DeLuise, Milano & LeBlanc

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While the reviews and What Now items educate us about peace signs and future druid Julian Cope, it’s two real Italians and a fake one who get the most attention. Peter DeLuise returns in a What Now blurb about a bad Valentine’s Day; Alyssa Milano succeeds in convincing Catherine that she is not “stupid” (that’s Catherine’s word, not ours!); and One To Watch notches another win with future Friends star Matt LeBlanc back when he was only associated with Fruitful Bran. Don’t watch Twins — or do; we couldn’t reach consensus — and join us for our February 1989 pop culture episode!

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Episode Rundown

It Is February 1989

What Now

Watch It: Rattle And Hum

Watch It: Twins

Listen Up: Julian Cope

Listen Up: Bangles

Listen Up: The Waterboys

Listen Up: Robbie Nevil

Listen Up: Pseudo Echo

One To Watch: Matt LeBlanc

Feature: Alyssa Milano Is Not Stupid

Goodbye For Now

Episode Notes

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