February 1989 Fashion Etc.: Flips, Clogs & Baths

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What looks did Sassy hope you would looooooove for Valentine’s? Catalogue deliveries, mismatched prints, flipped hair, and Birkenstocks, for starters. The issue also tells you how to bathe, how to be a model (or, more accurately, why it’s probably not as cool as you think), what’s in your hair products, what Jane’s assistant does with her days, and more! Grab a handful of cinnamon hearts and join us for our discussion!

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00:00:00 It Is February 1989 00:02:42 Cover 00:03:44 Fashion: Dresses In The Woods 00:06:24 Fashion: Not Available In Stores 00:16:23 Fashion: I Was Not A Model (And I Didn’t Even Look Like One) 00:20:28 Fashion: Everything Goes 00:24:47 What Next 00:33:22 Beauty: Flip Out 00:36:25 Beauty: Bathing Beauty 00:40:38 Sassy Ads 00:46:40 Sassy Club 00:52:04 Diary: Me Two 00:53:45 Say What 01:02:24 Goodbye For Now 01:04:13 Birkenstock House 01:04:57 Donkey Milk

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