February 1989 Slumber Party: Alice, Change Rooms & Retainers

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After we take the confounding February 1989 quiz — How Romantic Are You? — and share our results, we dive into your latest calls, and they are doozies. Your fellow listeners tell us their experiences with: the scary “real” “memoir” Go Ask Alice; innovations in cursing by the children of Somerville, Massachusetts; and the antisocial uses of retail fitting rooms. But by far the most calls we’ve received this time — and maybe in the whole life of the podcast — revolve around Pam’s admission that she made her own fake retainers as a kid, because lots and lots and LOTS of you did so too. Make yourself a s’more and listen!

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It Is February 1989

Quiz: How Romantic Are You?

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Quiz: How Romantic Are You?
"The Power Team Was the Bloody, Evangelical Freakshow That Ruled the 80s" at Vice.com
Wax Bottles Candy
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