March 1989 Teen Life: Shyness, New Orleans & Period Myths

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We spend a lot of time talking about what Tara was doing in March 1989 — at band camp for what would be the last time — and then it’s another jokefest about REGINA, perhaps because none of us is that excited about discussing a very long and journalistically very questionable article about “Young White Racists.” But Karen’s advice about “How To Ask The Time Without Hyperventilating” is nearly as contentious! Is it too casual about the struggles of social anxiety, or were (are?) two of your co-hosts maybe too self-conscious for their own good? We do our best to skip over John “Toe Story” Elder’s latest piece of short fiction before getting into a surprisingly inaccurate Body Talk. Then we go On The Road to New Orleans; discuss why He Said He prefers older girls; debate whether It actually Happened To Me (seems like nah); and wrap it up with a past submitter repeating in Stuff You Wrote. And hey, did we mention that as of this issue Sassy is ONE YEAR OLD? This episode is our birthday gift…to you!

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00:00:00 It Is March 1989 00:02:18 LTS Club + In Our Lives 00:08:55 Feature: Young White Racists 00:15:48 Feature: How To Ask The Time Without Hyperventilating 00:28:36 Fiction: Life At The Side Of The Road 00:31:46 Body Talk 00:38:06 On The Road: New Orleans 00:43:12 What He Said: Do You Prefer Older Girls? 00:46:05 It Happened To Me: Katie Had A Bad Time As A Cheerleader 00:48:01 Stuff You Wrote 00:50:57 Goodbye For Now 00:52:43 The Red Tent

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