March 1989 Fashion Etc.: Prom, Pool & Big, Beautiful Eyes

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Your prom is going to be here before you know it, so the March issues of every magazine marketed to teen girls is going to be full of dress inspiration, and Sassy is no exception. But how effective is “Photo Finish” at making its looks seem aspirational? We’ve got critiques! The issue also tells you how to dress for pool (as in snooker), which blouses will look best with your underwear (???), how to protect your eyes, how a model spends her day, what you should sew on your perfectly good clothes NOW, and so much more!

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00:00:00 It Is March 1989 00:04:23 Cover 00:05:36 Fashion Feature: Photo Finish 00:15:25 Fashion Feature: On Cue 00:18:24 Fashion Feature: Wear โ€™Em On Top 00:24:54 Making It: Cheap Frills 00:27:34 What Next: Rings On Your Fingers 00:30:57 Beauty Feature: Big Beautiful Eyes 00:35:16 Beauty Feature: Model Behavior 00:37:28 We Try It: Weird Stuff 00:43:07 About Face 00:45:41 Sassy Ads 00:56:56 Sassy Club 01:00:54 Diary: Kidding Around 01:02:56 Say What 01:06:57 Goodbye For Now 01:08:31 A Visit From The Epilady

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