March 1989 Slumber Party: Accutane, Epilady & Popsicle Bras

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The March 1989 issue’s quiz invited us to Rate [Our] Social Style, so we did — and we were all a bit dismayed by the results that came back. Then we get to your latest calls, which run the usual gamut from adding on to previous callers’ remarks, sharing hilarious high school memories, and uninhibited musings (thanks, NyQuil)! We love all of you, and we hope you love our latest roundup!

Episode Rundown

It Is March 1989

Big Stickers Update

Quiz: What's Your Social Style?

From The Hotline

Goodbye For Now

Moment Of Silence For Your Ankle

Episode Notes

Extra Hot Great 392: Taking Out The Trash With Pam & Tommy
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