April 1989 Teen Life: Spring Break, Cliques & Bra Sizes

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The April 1989 issue is a little stripped-down — no fiction, no quiz — but still gives us lots to chew on. Catherine’s profile of Andi, a teen addict, left us with a lot of questions. Laura Norton heads to a Yonkers high school to get close to its cliques. Christina and Jane’s trip to spring break in Daytona Beach might not have gone into enough detail on a vacation that sounds like our worst nightmare. Body Talk leads us to our new favorite Las Vegas journalist. And there’s also much to learn in Help, What He Said about dating a buddy’s girlfriend, and a full page of Stuff You Wrote magic. We’re not Cools, but we hope you hang out with us anyway.

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00:00:00 It Is April 1989 00:03:57 Feature: Andi Is An Addict 00:09:23 Feature: Cliques 00:24:17 Feature: Spring Break (Or Where The Jerks Are) 00:33:24 Body Talk 00:41:43 Help 00:44:31 What He Said 00:46:01 Stuff You Wrote 00:53:55 Goodbye For Now 00:56:32 The Good Baby 00:57:40 Bigger Breasts 01:01:36 Pamr

Episode Notes

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"Up Close With Jack Penrod As He Expands His Famed Nikki Beach Clubs And Resorts Worldwide" at Forbes.com
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"Solving the Mystery of Dyslexia" at Living-Las-Vegas.com
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