May 1989 Fashion Etc.: Blush, Stress & Split Ends

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Let’s just say it’s a May tradition to do a spread on day-glo swimsuits and a spread on white garments, because we got both of those in the May 1988 issue, and here they are again! There’s also a spread that’s reggae in fashion form, lessons on how to use blush, and tips to reduce stress — or at least its effect on your looks — that have not all aged particularly well. We go in on denim styles and ad layout mistakes, debate whether hair brushing is right for everyone, and educate Dave about split ends. All this and more in our latest Fashion (Etc.) episode!

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It Is May 1989


Fashion Feature: Day-Glo

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Fashion Feature: Resort To White

Beauty Feature: Real Blush

Beauty Feature: Beauty Under Stress

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Diary: Our Own M.K.

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