May 1989 Slumber Party: Sleep, Skid Row & Psych!

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Have you ever wanted to know how susceptible you may be to possibly developing an addiction to…anything? The May 1989 quiz — Rate Your Addictability — claims to tell you how worried you should be about it, but we think it just might be too vague. As always, it’s a joy to move on to your latest voicemails on such subjects as supporting your local abortion providers; which hair metal bands were buying novelty vehicles in the late ’80s, and from whom; how you developed the habit of sleeping on your back; and so much more. Don’t be concerned if you have picked up an addiction to this podcast: it definitely can be habit-forming, but what’s the downside?

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The May 1989 quiz: Rate Your Addictability
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Yellowhammer Fund
Northwest Abortion Action Fund
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