June 1989 Pop Culture: Anthrax, Tiffany & Turtles

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Have you ever wanted to: know what’s in a lava lamp? Get Sassy to approve of your taste in music? Find out where Karen and Tiffany stand one year after the disaster that was Karen’s attempted profile? What Now covers all of this and more. Watch It reviews The Dream Team and Troop Beverly Hills (among others), but which is the Hit and which is the Bomb? The answer may surprise you! Opinions are split on Hugo Largo’s second (and apparently final) album Mettle, while Cowboy Junkies’ breakout album The Trinity Session is rightly fΓͺted. One To Watch gets it right once more with a profile of a 21-year-old pre-When Harry Met Sally Harry Connick Jr. Then it’s on to the features: Sing star Peter Dobson impresses Catherine; Christina remains unimpressed by Anthrax. Plop down with a bag of M&Ms and join us!

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