June 1989 Fashion Etc.: Marrakesh, Navy & The Return Of Bloomers

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Want to dress like a John Waters protagonist, but only half the time? Risk abuse in a Muslim-majority country by flouting their standards of modest dress? Find a new way to confound your loved ones with bloomers? Give yourself a migraine with wildly complicated braids? The June 1989 issue is here for you! Our podcast on its fashion (etc.) also covers whether navy is basic; how young the cover model is; the absolute worst photo ever used for a contest ad; and much much more! Take a break from tracing the Bold Hold logo onto a drug store receipt and join us!

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00:00:00 It Is June 1989 + Cover 00:05:00 Fashion Feature: When She Was Good 00:10:36 Fashion Feature: Traveling Light 00:14:49 Fashion Feature: Blue Prints 00:21:03 What Next 00:24:34 Beauty Feature: Better Braids 00:30:04 About Face 00:36:01 Sassy Ads 00:51:13 Say What 00:57:12 Inside Out 00:59:24 The Donut Mask

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