July 1989 Fashion Etc.: Vests, Dots & Polymers

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The time has come to discuss the fashion (etc) of the July 1989 issue! We’re back in Morocco for stories on colonial costume and culturally appropriative beauty! We’re also doing vests and polka dots! We’re learning how to stay safe in the sun! And we’re…making a bandana cap? Or not! In the “etc” section, we’re reviewing Jane’s staff’s review of her in Diary and commenting on the latest round of letters. All this and more (girl, control your facial oil!) in our latest podcast!

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Episode Rundown

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00:00:00 It Is July 1989 00:03:54 Cover 00:06:04 Fashion Feature: Lived-In Looks 00:08:53 Fashion Feature: The Best Vests 00:14:29 Fashion Feature: Dot Wild 00:18:39 Making It: Bandana Cap 00:22:28 Beauty Feature: Sun Smarts 00:26:17 Beauty Feature: Ancient Beauty 00:28:37 About Face 00:30:57 We Try It 00:37:53 Sassy Ads 00:54:21 Sassy Club 00:57:33 Diary: Jane Is Our Friend 00:59:18 Say What 01:03:41 Inside Out: We Bowl With The Stars 01:04:32 Goodbye For Now 01:06:26 Sweet Defeat 01:06:48 You'll Want To Get Six

Episode Notes

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